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Hairstyle For Prom 2016

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Hairstyle for prom is one more thing you need to consider in addition to makeup and your pretty dress, ladies. Hair style is also very important because it is a woman’s crown which will show your personality.

You cannot miss this point because you are too busy thinking about the dress and makeup you will wear. To show perfect look from head to toe, let us consider the best hairstyles for prom in the following:

#1: Beyonce Bounce

It is called as one of best hairstyles for prom 2016 black girl.  As we know, this one hairstyle of Beyonce is very iconic as well as the black girl who wear it will look nice and pretty like Beyonce when they go to prom with this hairstyle.


It’s easy, all you have to do is divide the hair be parted in the middle. Curl the hair starts from the middle to the end. You can use a flat iron or curling iron.

Set with spray so it will long last. It is highly recommended for you who have smooth straight hair.

#2: Curled and Coiffed

All you need here is a half wig. Wear the wig and make sure until it fits and convenient to use. Curl the edges to the outer part and away from your face.


Put the hair to the side and spray the hairspray in order to make it stay in place. Medium-to-long hair length is very appropriate to use this style.

You can add on half wig some hair clips to be tauter. Ombre hair will be very stunning when combined with this hairstyle.

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#3: Girly Glamour

For those who want to be sweet and glamour, this style will fulfill your expectation. You will be a charming prom queen by showing super cute look.


First, clamp your bangs so it looks straight and tidy. Next, tie your hair in a ponytail. Reserve a little amount of your hair and braid the hair to make braid headband.

Fasten by giving hair clips under to avoid being seen. Curl your ponytail with a curling iron and then set the hair with setting spray.

Hair with bangs like this will help to disguise your wide forehead. It also can be one of hairstyles for prom 2016 medium length.

#4: Red Carpet Style

Celebrities appearance on red carpet is always stunning. Trying to appear perfect is the key of red carpet style. No need something exaggerate to make this hairstyle.


If your hair is straight, curl your hair to be big wavy. Create a ponytail and put on the bottom side behind the ear. Make a small side bun from it and secure with bobby pins use.

Add some accessories like a headband that has sparkle to make it more attractive.

#5: Prom Braid

This style is simple yet elegant to go to the prom. It is very easy and does not require a long time if you are lazy with complicated hairdo.


First, having long hair is must item you need. Then, make a braid with some of the hair from the top to the bottom end of the bangs.

After that, tie all the left hair with braid that has been made earlier into a low ponytail. Put the hair to the side part and set with hairspray. Done!

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