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Hairstyles For Prom With Braids

Hairstyles For Prom With Braids Sponsored Links

With braids are all the hype these days, the hairstyles for prom with braids surely is a choice you should never skimp if you are looking for a hairstyle inspiration to flatter your prom night.

And girls, braiding is not only about the simple three-strand one. In fact, there are various braiding methods you can try and pull off to give your hair and look boost, such as French braids and herringbone braids.

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For you who have long hair, braiding can also help you control it if you don’t wish to have your hair covering your face as you dance all night.

#1: Lovely Floral Side Braided Hair

This braided hair is one of the cute prom hairstyles for long hair you can find out there featuring a soft looking and cute side braided hair adorned with floral hair accessories.


Such an ideal choice for spring time, isn’t it? And one thing about this hairstyle is how it can flatter most face shapes beautifully, so you do not have to really worry whether you have square, round, oval, or longer face shape.

Medium to thick hair will work best with this hairstyle. And if you prefer to take this soft looking braided hair to a different level, gather it and create a low side bun.

#2: Volumized Braids with Glam

Who says curly girls cannot pull the braided hairstyle off? Just take a look at this hairstyle inspiration!


See how volume is added to the hair wonderfully as the natural curls or waves are weaved downwards and swept over one shoulder.

The extra volume on top of the head can also create the drama.

With one of hairstyles for prom with braids and curls here, you can add a finishing touch to complete the look with jeweled hair accessory or headband that surely can easily turn the heads on you as you enter the hall!

#3: Soft French Braids for Fringe

Even so, some of you may still want to let your beautiful hair all down as you want to let the bouncy curls to move playfully as you dance.


Or maybe some of you have shorter hair, which may be not too flattering as you try other braided hairstyles. Well, worry not since it does not mean you cannot add a braid or two.

Even if you don’t want to or cannot try the updo hairstyles braids, you can still add the braiding to complete your look.

For example, try this French braiding for fringe to accent your hair gorgeously and keep the strands away from your face.

#4: Braided Messy Bun

Last but not least, try this super easy braided updo if you wish to achieve a simple hairstyle that can still look chic and sleek for your prom night.


This hairstyle is so simple, as you only need to French braid your hair all down and then twist it to create the messy bun.

You can also consider to place the bun sideways, depending on your preference, or let the fringe braided too if you wish to pull the hair away from your face.

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