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Little Girl Hairstyles

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Every mom wants to make her daughter look adorable. In addition to allowing them to wear some impressive outfits, she also does some cute little girl hairstyles to maximize her daughter’s look.

Styling hair is a nice activity to do, even when there is no certain occasion and just for spending the time off and just for fun. Many moms do some experiments to style their little girl’s hair.

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This will be more enjoyable if the daughters also love this activity. For some ideas to do we have some simple and easy hairstyles that can be applied for experiments or for certain occasion.

The little girls will look more adorable with these hairstyles.

#1: Three Braids and Ponytail

If you have longer time to do the little girl hairstyles, you better take this excellent combination of braids and ponytail.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Braided hair is always interesting, especially for the girls in this age. They will look so cute with the braids. One is not enough and three is perfect for this hairstyle.

Take some sections and start braiding. Make 3 lines of braided hair. Pull back the braids and the remaining and unite them the ribbon clip.

For more impressive look, curl the pony tail for better texture and volume.

#2: Symmetrical Braids

Symmetrical hairstyle is identical with neat look. But in this case, the symmetrical design is combined with messy look, especially for the back part.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

To do this, first you need to part the hair from the middle. Then, take some sections of both left and right hair to create the braids.

Braid the hair from the front to the middle and let the ends unbraided. Pull the braids back and secure them with a decorative pin.

Curl the back hair to create the messy look. This is good for blunt haircut and your girl will look so cute.

#3: Distinctive Braid and Ponytail

Commonly, braided hair is done for the front hair, in a top-down style. What if this hairstyle is done just the opposite? Make some sections of the back hair.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Braid from the very low part of the hair. Do the down to top braiding diagonally. This diagonal braid line will create a nice asymmetrical look.

Then, pull the remaining hair to the end of the braid and tie them all to create a pony tail. To create more stunning statement, curl the mid to end ponytail. Complete the appearance with elegant earrings.

#4: Waterfall Braid and Curls

This is one of the simplest little girl hairstyles that you need to try, especially when you don’t have much time before attending certain occasion.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Take some sections of the hair and create waterfall braid. Then, you will find some top down hair sections through the braids.

One by one, curl these sections. The focal point of this hairstyle is on these curls. This is not good for blunt haircut.

Let the curl naturally fall and create a beautiful texture. Pull some curly hair sections forward.

#5: Multi Ponytails

As the alternative to multi braids, you can also apply multi pony tails. You can create special pattern with the braids as well as the multi pony tails.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Take some parts of the front hair to create some pony tails. Each ponytail is divided into two sections and diagonally pulled back to create the other pony tails.

Make sure that you create a crisscross pattern. Secure with elastics and let the pony tails fall down following the back hair. Of course, curling the hair will create something more adorable.

#6: Single Line Braid and Ponytail

The next example of little girl hairstyles is the combination of a single line French braid and pony tail. First, create the single line braid from the front and from the back hair.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

The braids will meet at a point where the hair is tied and secured with decorative ribbon. The single line braid is made in a straight line in the middle part of the hair.

Once the braids meet, secure it and create the pony tail. There is no need to curl the pony tail and it looks impressive in this simple style.

#7: Love Shape and Wrapping Braid

The focal point of this hairstyle is on the love shape that is creatively made by pulling the hair in and out. The pulled in hair is then flipped and secured.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Then, the pulled out hair is wrapped with a long wrapping braid. The braid creates a rounded shape covering the love shape in the center and this is so gorgeous.

To secure the remaining hair, ribbon pin is required to also give a cute decoration to the hair. Short pony tail is left straight because when it is curled, it will distract the focal point.

#8: Three Twists and Flipped

This other example of little girl hairstyles looks so simple yet so cute. It begins with side parting the hair. From the side, take three sections of hair and twist.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Pull the twists to the other side. Flip them with the hair on the other side and this will create an unpredictable texture. Let the hair fall with the other above shoulder blunt cut hair.

#9: Excellent Combination

There are several techniques combined for this beautiful hairstyle. They are ponytail, braided hair and bun. First, divide the hair into 4 big sections and create 3 pony tails, one in the middle and two in the sides.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

The other one section is on the back to create bun. Secure them with elastic. From each ponytail, create some braided hairs.

The more braids, the better, but 2 braids are enough. Therefore, you will have six braids. Pull the braids back with the remaining hair to create a bun. Secure with ribbon.

#10: Simple Fishtail

This last hairstyle is simple. You need to only create a big fish tail at the back. Then, create also face framing bangs.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Side parted bangs and hair are secured with headband. Headband with decorative flower pattern is an excellent stuff to employ.

Then, pull the fish tail forward. This is so practical yet adorable.

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