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Who does not know Cristiano Ronaldo or usually called CR7? Whether or not they are fans of Manchester United or Real Madrid, they know this very popular football player.

He is one of the best football players in the world and fortunately he is so stylish, especially when it comes to hairstyle.

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As the result, many people refer to Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle whether they love him or hate him. As stated by Cristiano Ronaldo in his film, Ronaldo (2015), that there are some people hate him and there are also some people love him.

But we guess everyone loves the way he styles his hair. There are some best short hairstyles of CR7 to share below.

#1: Asymmetrical Spikes

The first Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle is shown in this picture. The asymmetrical spikes look so perfect for him and any other men with short hair.


The haircut is just perfect, with the very short sides and longer on top. The spike is not pointed in the middle to create a center line, but rather to the left side.

This haircut is versatile actually because there are some hairstyles that you can do with this haircut. For the simplest hairstyle to look stylish, the asymmetrical spike is worth it.

#2: Ivy Hairstyle

Retro becomes so popular currently. Retro style spreads in anything related to art, including hairstyle. Cristiano Ronaldo is aware of this current trend and he also likes going for this hairstyle.


Classic look always presents something more precious. In relation to hairstyle, it is expressed by the very sleek ivy hairstyle.

There is no doubt about this hair and it is timeless that every man can try it to look more terrific. There are two main things to keep in mind, i.e. keep the hair in short cut and keep it always look neat.

Of course, you may need the help of gel to style and secure the hair.

#3: Wet Look

The haircut is simple without extremely short sides or even shaved sides. This short hair will look great when lots of gel is applied.


Apply the gel through the hair while combing the hair with your fingers. For this perfect hairstyle, you need to comb back the hair.

Let the gel secure your hairstyle and thanks to the wet and shiny look that the gel provides. Without this look, this short haircut will look a bit messy, dry and simply uninteresting.

Left untreated, the short curly hair will dull your look.

#4: Center Spikes

Different from the previous asymmetrical spikes, this hairstyle looks a bit calmer. However, this does not mean that the hairstyle is not stylish.


With the very short sides and the spiked up hair, Cristiano Ronaldo looks cool. This hairstyle is also applicable for any of you because spikes hairstyle is good for any type of hair.

What you need to do is styling the hair with gel applied through the hair. Spikes the hair in the middle and give a small touch to create messy look at the front hair. This will be a good statement.

#5: Zigzag Hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo not only pays attention to the major haircut, but also pays attention to the details, including this undercut art.


Unique razor has been applied to create a zigzag decorative carving. This can be applicable for both of the sides or a single side, depending on your taste.

The top patch is raised to clearly show the trimmed sides. Based on rumors, there was a reason why CR7 took this hairstyle.

This might be to carve his national number or to appreciate a child that he donates his money to.

#6: Textured Crop

Another interesting Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle is this simple textured crop. This short hairstyle looks interesting with the side swept hair and looks glamorous with the shiny look.


This hairstyle is completely supported by the use of gel. The top hair is kept short with different edges length. This different length creates a stunning texture when the hair is gelled to the right side.

The sides are kept very short to present neat look. Entirely, this hairstyle is so cool and fortunately, it is easy to apply.

#7: Very Short Hairstyle

This Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle is very simple. The sides are almost shaved while the top patch is very short. Excellent haircut is applied so that the hair can be styled to create a surprising texture.


It seems to be a smart solution after Cristiano Ronaldo cut the top side hair to create a decorative trim. When this hair part grows, the other parts are cut to give the right balance.

Of course, with the help of styling gel, this hairstyle looks perfect.

#8: Comb Over and Shaved Line

Different from the other common shaved lines, Cristiano Ronaldo let the hairstylist to give this distinctive cut. The shaved line is not on the sides, but in the edge of the top hair.


The hair is combed away from the line. This comb over style make the hair look neat and with the help of styling gel, the hair also look glowing under the light.

Neat, stylish and asymmetry are a perfect combination that builds this cool hairstyle.

#9: Disconnected Hairstyle

Different appearance of Cristiano Ronaldo always catches lots of attention. Not only is his new appearance with glasses, but also his impressive hairstyle.


This short hair becomes special with the unpredictable sections of hair that are pulled disconnectedly. This is a good try to create a messy look with short hair.

Some small sections of the front hair are pulled forward and partially cover the forehead.

#10: Painted Tips

Cristiano Ronaldo always works with gel in completing his hairstyle. In addition, he also applies hair painting in some occasions.


One of the best hairstyles is presented in this picture. It looks special with the painted tips. Thanks to the perfect hair selection that makes the hair look sun kissed.

Color the tips and then apply styling gel through the hair while either sweeping the hair to one side or alternatively simply spiking it up.

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