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10 Beautiful Half Up Hairstyles for Wedding and Party

Attending formal events such as wedding or party needs a perfect appearance. For women, appearance is very important which determine their class and status.

Women will use perfect outfit as well as hairstyle to make their appearance becomes elegant and glamour.

Choosing the perfect hairstyle is very important and significant in women’s appearance. There are countless hairstyles that are often used by women to attend wedding or party.

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The hairstyles are very beautiful and elegant that can be chosen based on the event or look that they desired.

Here are 10 inspirations for the best half up hairstyles that you can choose to attend wedding and party.

#1: Twisted Crown with Weave Hairstyle

A romantic look in a hairstyle is very important if you want to attend a wedding ceremony. You can get a romantic look by styling your hair with twisted crown with weave hairstyle.


Half part of your hair will be twisted up and then it is styled to form a crown on your hair. Your hair back looks very accentuate and appealing by adding weave hair for the rest of the hair on your back.

You can create an awesome romantic look to attend a wedding celebration with this hairstyle.

#2: Easy Half-Up Twist

If you want to look simple but still have a sense of glamour look in your appearance, you can try to style your hair with half up twist hairstyle.


This hair is easily styled where you can do it by yourself at home. If you have weave hair textured, this hair will work great on your hair.

You can twist half each side of your hair and bring it in the middle at the back. Then tie it with rubber band to make it stay in its position.

Even though it is simple to make, it can give a big impact in your appearance where you can look simple yet elegant.

#3: Braided Top Knot Half Up Do

Having a unique appearance that make all people amaze at your look is important. You can make yourself look amazing with braided top knot half updo.


With this hairstyle, the top of your head will be the focal point. The hair at the top will be braided and styled like knot.

This is one of the amazing up do hairstyles that you can have to attend wedding or party. This hairstyle is good to be used by women who have weave hair texture.

#4: Pouf and Twisted Knot

If you want to have an elegant half up hairstyle, trying pouf and twisted knot hairstyle is not a bad choice.


You can look awesomely beautiful with this hairstyle. At the back of your hair you can create a pouf by twisting each half of your hair in the middle.

Then, for the rest of the hair, style it with soft curly texture that makes the hair looks more feminine and elegant.

#5: Half-Crown Braids

Half-crown braids hairstyle is a good hairstyle option for teenager. It is simple but absolutely beautiful. To style this hair is quite easy.


You can half braid each side of the hair and bring it in the middle by forming half-crown. It provides an amazing feminine look at the back as well as at the front.

However, this hairstyle is much preferable for teenager who has straight hair.

#6: Half Up Half Down with Curls Hairstyle

For women who have thin hair, styling your hair with half up half down with curls hairstyle is much recommended.


This hair is very feminine and simple that can be used both for party and wedding. This hairstyle style half up of your hair and make it accentuate at your back.

The half down of your hair will be styled with soft weave to make it looks more perfect and adorable.

#7: Half Up Half Down Brunette Hairstyle

Brunette hair color is very attractive and gorgeous. The brown color of the hair makes it look elegant and feminine.


You can make it even more perfect by adding curls in the hair texture. You can bring half up of your hair in the middle and tie it with your hair band.

The curls of the hair make it becomes very alluring and attractive. You will steal everyone’s attention with this hairstyle. This hairstyle can be applied for any hair textures as long as it is long.

#8: Half-Crown Braided with Twisted Half Up Hairstyle

If you want to have an attractive hairstyle to attend party or wedding, braided with twisted half up hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle to choose.


This hairstyle will make your hair looks very appealing by combining the twisted, braided and the curls from your hair.

These three hairstyles look like the half-crown which is very romantic and feminine. The curly half down hair looks very adorable and chic.

#9: Teased Crown and Soft Curls Half Up Do

If you want to have a luxurious and glamour looks in the wedding, teased crown and soft curls half updo are much recommended.


This hairstyle is suitable for women who have long weave hair. This hairstyle makes the top of the head looks voluminous that also create glamour look on it.

This hairstyle makes you look classy and attractive.

#10: Half-Fishtail Hairstyle

If you wish to have extraordinary hairstyle, you can try to have this hairstyle to attend your nearby event.


This hairstyle looks very unique yet amazing in style. You can bring your hair half up and braid it like a fish tail.

You can let the rest of your half down hairstyle straight. This hairstyle is very good for women who are not afraid to get an anti-mainstream hairstyle.

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