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Men’s Long Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Men’s Long Hairstyles for Thin Hair Sponsored Links

Men’s long hairstyles for thin hair need special treatment in styling process. Not only women who have hair loss problems but also men. That case is one that can cause hair become thinner.

A problem is quite complicated for men who have long hair but thin. The problem is the difficulty in choosing the right hairstyle, especially when having long hair.

If taking wrong choice of hairstyle, it can make your appearance look worse because your hair will look thinner.

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Thin hair is less pleasing to the eyes, especially if untreated. The hair can also show you head porters that can reduce the appearance.

It will make you less confident when attending events such as a party. Man with long hair and thin of course also want to look nice.

Some of these styles could be the solution in order to your thin hair can look nicer and more in volume.

#1: Slicked-Back Cut

Not only short hair, long hair can also apply this style. One of mens long haircuts for thinning hair is cutting in slicked-back.


Slicked back hair piece is a form of classical pieces for men. This style is suitable for men with thin hair but long to make it look thicker.

Comb the hair directly to the back and use gel to arrange it well. This style exactly looks sleek as its texture tends to damp created from the use of hair gel before.

#2. Shaggy Cut

You can choose this piece if your hair is not that very long.

Layer effects on the style will give the illusion of thin hair to be thicker and more voluminous when using a hair dryer while styling.


This method is popular because it is cut with the different layers which are very suitable to disguise your thin hair. Use styling cream to arrange this hair. You can also cut it yourself by rolling the hair that will be given the effect of layer.

This model will also eliminate the impression of a mess on a long thin hair.

#3. Brad Cut

Did you remember long hair style used by famous actor, Brad Pitt? He has hairstyle that is also suitable for long thin hair.

With shoulder-length hair and had the middle splitted hair part, brad cut also has a kind of long layer.


These natural mens hairstyles for fine hair can be placed in a way of tuck it behind the ears to be more attractive.

This hair is suitable for all face shapes with straight hair to wavy texture. You just need to give a little wet texture with gel to make it look neater.

#4. Bob Cut

Bob is arguably one of the hairstyles that are timeless. This hair is perfect for you who have thin and sparse hair.


Flexible impression makes them suitable to be used by men. The long-haired man can combine it by adding bangs that let down and put it as the side bangs type on the hair.

Do not worry if it looks like a bob hair style for women. You can cut sharper and rough at the edges. To look for more trendy hair styles, you can find hairstyles for thin hair YouTube.

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