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Mid Length Hairstyles For Thick Hair

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Chic Mid Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair Showing What You Should Do

Everyone wants to have thick look for their hairs. If you already have natural thick hair, how lucky you are. Many tricks are applied to make thin hair look thicker and you will not need to do these tricks.

However, thick hair can be also a blunder. You need to make sure that you have the right haircut. This is important because the wrong haircut will make your hair look motionless and artificial.

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Thus, you need to have the right haircut with excellently revealed ends and give the hair movement feel.

Here are the examples of mid length hairstyles for thick hair to make you pop.

#1:   Soft Blunt Mid Length Hairstyles

You may do blunt cut for your shorter bob hair. What if you have longer hair? Don’t worry. Blunt haircut will be also perfect for you.


Whether it is designed to complete sleek look or messy look of your hair, this haircut is perfect. With some waves and coloring touches, the style will be perfect.

Blunt and wave, neat and messy, are well blended. Fortunately, it is a good option to take for both formal and informal occasions.

Whether you have side or center parted hairstyle, the look will be excellent.

#2: Thick Hair Side Swept Mid Length Hairstyles

If you are looking for a simple hairstyle for your mid length thick hair, this flipped hairstyle will be perfect. In fact, medium length hairstyle with layers is fun enough to do.


You better have the two tiered haircut because it will be easy to be flicked, blown out or curled. Even, this haircut is good for both sleek style and texture style.

You can simply straighten it for a cute and chic look. Another statement of this hairstyle is the side swept bang. It is a good idea for an oval shaped face.

#3: Simple Mid Length Haircut with Bang

This hairstyle was popular in 1970s and today, it comes back. Many women love having this haircut, shag cut with bang.


Whether the waves are natural or artificial, they are always good to create a more impressive look. You can either sweep the bangs to certain side or let it falls naturally down.

The most important thing of this hair is the messy texture. Yes, it creates a carefree vibe showing that it is effortless to do the hairstyle.

This hairstyle is suitable for any casual occasions. It is simple yet sexy.

#4: Medium Wavy Mid Length Haircut

Wavy haircut is always associated with thick look. It offers a smart solution for those with thin hair that want to have thicker hair look.


This picture is the example. It has surprising retro vibe that is similar to finger waves of ‘40s. However, it is actually timeless and still accepted for current days.

It is also a good example of every day hairstyle that requires easy way of treatment and styling.

This hairstyle seems to show off what the hair really is. Without hair coloring, it still looks impressive.

Take a look at this dark hairstyle that is likely to show nothing to do with the hair, but it still looks nice. The look is mainly supported by the wave textures and it is perfect.

#5: Fringe Mid Length Hairstyle with Ombre Touch

It is time to rock the bangs! You can either rock your bangs to one side or straight across. Fringe hairstyle will be great with any treated bangs.


This shows straight fringe hairstyle with straight across bangs.  The length of the hair and bangs are perfect and they naturally fall down.

Fringe is actually applicable for any type of hair in any length, but this picture shows a great example of shoulder length hair.

If you have striking facial features, then this fringe hairstyle is perfect since it can strengthen them. If you have chubby cheeks or round faces, you better go with the long side bang.

However, if you have oval face shape, as presented in this photo, you better have a blunt bang to cover the big foreheads.

This hairstyle is more impressive with the ombre touch. Darker to lighter brown hair coloring is always perfect.

#6: Long Bob Balayage Mid Length Hairstyles

Shaggy haircut is one of the most popular haircuts for both short and mid length hair. You can make this haircut more interesting with some trendy waves.


The styling represents a perfect breeze, even if you are not a pro, you can have this charming beauty. Blow dry the hair roughly and then style some sections of the wavy hair.

The secret of this hairstyle is to let the ends disconnected.

The more interesting is the balayage hairstyle. Take a look at the perfect hair coloring with the sun-kissed effect. The hair looks natural with soft and less noticeable regrowth lines.

This hair painting is currently popular and perfect for any type of hair.

#7: Painted Balayage Mid Length Haircut

Medium blunt haircut always does better for thick hair. Indeed, this haircut will make the hair appear in heavy look if you have natural thick hair.


As presented in this picture, the hairstyle looks perfect with the wavy layers on the sides and back of the hair. Long bang is side swept and create a nice look at the front.

The balayage completes this hairstyle. It looks soft and natural with “burned” brown hair coloring at the surface and darker color inside.

This style is good to work with shoulder or above shoulder length hair.

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