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Mens Long Hairstyles 2016

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Mens long hairstyles 2016 are some styles that are prosperous in this year. It looks like 2016 will be the year of the long-haired man.

What do you think about the men who have long hair? Unmistakable, many women also like men with long hair as they have.

For her, there are senses of unique and different in the long hair.

Indeed, a short piece or clean cut men’s hair style still dominates in the world as preferable men’s choice of style.

Short haircut is considered as the neatest style than long hair.

However, some men still prefer long hair one. If I may guess, perhaps the reasons of use it is to look macho and manly.

Unfortunately, some people still think that the long-haired man is a man who does not concern about his appearance and messy habit.

Despite all, the long hair for men actually can also look neat and trendy if consistently cared and to be paid attention as the following styles that arguably became the best men’s hairstyles.

#1: Shoulder-Length Hair

Who says long hair style is ugly and old-fashioned? This year could be a totally comeback of this hair.

Many hairdressers who advised men to lengthen his hair into shoulder length include male artists.


A masculine shoulder-length style with straight or slightly wavy pieces will give you all the attentions among your friends.

How to take care of this hairstyle is simple too.

Just shampooing at least 2 days and routinely trimming to your favorite salon at least 3 months to maintain the shape or to simply tidy it up.

Do not forget to also cut the hair which is dry and branching. Use hair conditioner to keep it soft and does not tousled.

#2: Top Knot

This style is very specific to the long-haired man and you really could use a top knot hair style.

It’s easy, just hold your hair together with your fingers and point to the back.


Raise it up over head then tied in a ponytail, roll the hair and make like a small break off above the head.

This style is suitable to be used when attending a formal event and also good for a street look, sporty, casual, and more.

It is also perfect for mix and match with any fashion. For more sexy, you can also lengthen sideburns and beard.

#3: Man Bob

Long hair does not mean to be the real long just as women. Bob hair can also be applied to men.

The neat shape makes it look masculine on men. Style your hair with wax or gel direct to the back or side naturally.


Cut the ends of your hair with a texture so that it is not impressed as in feminine bob style.

You can see more men’s long hairstyles Pinterest for more inspirations.

#4: Skater Boy Look

Skater boy haircut is a piece which looks like shaggy. You can freely arrange your hair with various styles.


Dab the hair with gel to create slight wet hair texture. Just let your bangs grow longer then comb to the sideways.

You can also use a hair dryer so that your hair look more volume. This hairstyle will suit to any types of face.

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